Research facility construction requirements vary greatly based on a wide spectrum of production and research protocols. Sustainable high performance walls and ceilings are both critical and important components of the environmental envelope. LSP has developed several wall finish options that will allow you to meet your facilities requirements whether it is the most standard of requirements or one of high containment such as BSL-4. Our product offerings include epoxy and urethane resin coatings and high build systems as well as Fiberglass Construction systems. Each product fills a niche and answers specific needs including economy, lean building concepts and sustainability.

Wall Products

Wall Coating Systems

SeamTek™ resin wall coating have proven to be among the most durable coatings in the industry. In conventional facilities they offer an economic solution to the room envelope. There are a series of offerings ranging from standard epoxy and urethane coating to the more durable high build and reinforced alternatives.

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