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Sani-Lux™ Rail Lighting

Life Science Products – Construction Products Bio Medical and Pharmaceutical


Rail Lighting – Virtually Unlimited Lighting Options for Bio-Medical Research, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Applications

Life Science Products is extremely excited about the future of our Sani-LUX™ product offering. The Bio-Medical research industry has previously addressed cleaner air and airflow, better water and food delivery systems, motion monitoring, and sound control.

However, the benefits of programmable lighting, sourced from one or many wall locations has been almost totally overlooked.

With Sani-LUX™, programmable, High Output LED lights can be embedded in crash rail, handrails, or anodized aluminum extrusions, anywhere the light is beneficial. Sani-LUX™ can be integrated into existing electrical systems or installed independently with its own power source. The light source can not only be located at any beneficial point of the wall but can programmed for unlimited color combinations and intensities. The Simulated Daylight™ feature mimics the organic daylight cycle, by gradually increasing light intensity from off at dawn to 100% intensity at midday, and a slow fade to off as sunset becomes night.

The gradual change comes not only with the light intensity, but also the light color. Sunrises and sunsets are programmed for a “warmer color”, while midday becomes a “cooler and clearer” blueish spectrum. Room inhabitants, whether humans, mammals or fish are all likely to benefit from lighting that matches the natural Circadian rhythm. In rooms housing rodents for Bio-Medical research, Sani-LUX™ can be programmed to a setting called Rodent Red™ overnight. It allows researchers to enter holding rooms with minimal disruption to sleeping rodents.

Since Sani-LUX™ is customizable for nearly every lighting requirement. The features and benefits are hard many and still growing.

Product Data Sheet

Sani-Lux™ Rail Lighting Features

  • Position, Program and Target the Amount, Type, Color, and Time of Lighting, anywhere in your facility.
  • Simulated Daylight™ matches the natural Circadian Rhythm
  • Disperses lighting evenly to all levels of holding rooms, labs, hallways, etc.
  • Rodent Red™ allows researchers to enter holding rooms with minimal disruption while rodents are sleeping.
  • Provide Emergency Ingress/Egress Lighting and Backup-Battery Power
  • Connect to existing power or run independently on batteries.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A

Sani-Lux™ Possibilties:

  • Simulated Daylight™
  • Mounts in New or Existing Rail
  • Multiple Profile Extrusions
  • Battery Backup for Power Failures
  • Emergency Ingress/Egress Lighting
  • Guided Wallkway Lighting
  • Chemical Resistance in labs/vivariums
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Floor Level Lighting for Hallways
  • Reduced Lighting costs from LEDs
  • Targeted Lighting for Darker Areas
  • Walls can be “flood lit” from above
  • Unlimited options of ambient light
  • Custom light colors for patient rooms
  • Use coded patterns to signal early warnings or change of conditions

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