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Wall Panel System

Life Science Products – Construction Products Bio Medical and Pharmaceutical

Seamless Wall Panel System

Sustainable, Versatile, Value Proposition for Clean Room Interiors

The Bio/CR-7 Wall Panel System is a cost effective, 3mm panel designed to be adhered directly to new gypsum surfaces. The Bio/CR-7 has the same smooth, white, highly chemical resistant, water impervious, impact resistant, glass reinforced polymer face as all the panels in the Life Science Products Bio/CR family.  It provides the same long lasting, hygienic surface benefits at a price point close to high-end epoxy coatings. 

While the price points are close, the Bio/CR-7’s 10 Year Warranty exceeds most coatings by 5 times or more.  It offers one of the best price/performance options for clean rooms in Bio-Medical Research Labs, Pharma Processing Areas, Vivarium Holding and Procedure Rooms, Isolation Rooms, Donning-Doffing Chambers, and more.

The Bio/CR-7 is Class “A” (1) Fire Rated, does not promote the growth of bacteria or mold, and is non-generating for particulate matter. Joints are finished with a 100% solids LEED compliant, color matched urethane for a moisture sealed seamless looking wall, or can utilize Class “A”(1) rated color-matched moldings if a seamless wall system is not required.

The Bio/CR-7 is available in 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 9’, 4’ x 10’ and 4’ x 12’ panels. The 4’ x 12’ is especially well suited to wainscot installations.  Using the seamless joint system, it can also be installed as a hard lid ceiling. The Bio/CR-7 is fully manufactured in the U.S.

Bio/CR-7 Features

  • Smooth High Gloss Face is both chemical-resistant and easy to clean
  • Impact Resistant and Impervious to Moisture
  • Class “A” Fire-Rated
  • Lightweight panel installs directly over gypsum saving both time and money
  • Provides as much as 10x the useful life of coatings and paint systems
  • The Bio/CB-7 “Wall System” provides a sustainable containment barrier for your clean room Interior Envelope

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



More Products in the Bio/CR Line


The Bio/CR-3 Wall Panel System is designed for challenging conditions. Individual panels are 12mm thick.


The Bio/CR-4 Wall Panel System is a 6mm thick panel engineered to be mounted over gypsum (drywall), as a long-lasting alternative to coatings or paints. 


The Bio/CR-5 Wall Panel System is designed to transform unsightly, less than hygienic, older wall surfaces into bright, antiseptic, modern looking, interior finishes. 


The Bio/CR-9 is an attractive, durable, hygienic, seamless, interior wall panel system.  It meets all the requirements of critical hospital spaces and is completely PVC FREE. 


The Bio/CR-11 was engineered to replace gypsum (drywall) substrates in BioMedical Research facilities where moisture and humidity are a primary concern. 

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