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Wall Panel Systems

Choosing the best hygienic and sustainable wall system is always a challenge. The LSP line of Bio/CR panel systems have been designed and engineered to meet a variety of applications. For over 25 years, Bio/CR wall panels systems have met the stringent requirements of Biomedical Research facilities, Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms, and Healthcare Critical Spaces. As a testament to their sustainability and efficacy, nearly all those wall systems are still in place. Some for nearly a quarter century.

From high moisture/high temperature sterilization and cage wash areas to minimally reflective panels for surgical suites, LSP offers solutions for nearly every requirement of the hygienic and bio-containment interior envelope. All Bio/CR wall panel systems are Class “A” Fire Rated. All are virtually water and moisture impervious. All are highly impact and chemical resistant.

Please feel free to contact one of our architectural product specialists, or your regional business development manager to help identify the Bio/CR wall panel solution best suited for your facility.

Note that these Wall Panel Systems are either discontinued or temporarily not available.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.
Bio/CR-1 – Temporarily Unavailable.
Bio/CR-2 – Temporarily Unavailable.
Bio/CR-6 – Temporarily Unavailable:
Bio/CR-8 – Discontinued
Bio/CR-10 – Temporarily Unavailable


Long Lasting, Robust Solution for High Moisture and High Temperature Environments


Sustainable, Versatile, Value Proposition for Clean Room Interior Walls


Ends the Cycle of Re-Finishing Interior Surfaces


Proven PVC FREE Interior Wall Panel System for Critical Healthcare Spaces


Makes Ageing Wall Surfaces feel like they’ve found the “Fountain of Youth”


Mounts Directly to Studs to Eliminate Moisture Absorbing Wall Products


The Bio/CR-3 Wall Panel System is designed for challenging conditions. Individual panels are 12mm thick


The Bio/CR-4 Wall Panel System is a 6mm thick panel engineered to be mounted over gypsum (drywall), as a long-lasting alternative to coatings or paints. 


The Bio/CR-5 Wall Panel System is designed to transform unsightly, less than hygienic, older wall surfaces into bright, antiseptic, modern looking, interior finishes. 


The Bio/CR-7 Wall Panel System is a cost effective, 3mm panel designed to be adhered directly to new gypsum surfaces.


The Bio/CR-9 is an attractive, durable, hygienic, seamless, interior wall panel system.  It meets all the requirements of critical hospital spaces and is completely PVC FREE. 


The Bio/CR-11 was engineered to replace gypsum (drywall) substrates in BioMedical Research facilities where moisture and humidity are a primary concern. 

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Life Science Products Inc. (LSP) has been developing solutions for high-performance architectural finishes for 47 years. LSP's unique Integrated envelope approach has focused on the life science, healthcare, and biotech markets. Our distinctive, sustainable, solutions-based approach provides any client with high-performance options, including; floors, walls, doors, and ceilings. LSP is also the industry leader in finished goods products, PPE Apparel, PPE Safety, and Lab supplies. In addition, LSP is constantly adding new products to meet its clients' demands, ensuring these finished goods are always in stock and ready for delivery.

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