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Metro Starsys Mobile Supply Cabinets

Life Science Products – Finished Goods Metro Starsys Mobile Supply Cabinets

Metro Starsys Mobile Supply Cabinets

Complete system of carts, cabinets & workcenters.

Available in mobile or stationary.

Available in multiple sizes or infinite configurations.

Available in mobile or stationary, multiple sizes and any configuration.

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Millions of possibilities.
One perfect for you.

No matter what you need — open, closed, short, tall, mobile, stationary elements, preconfigured workcenters or carts…Starsys has you covered.

With Starsys, you choose from an array of modular units to fit the space and work specifications.


  • Flexibility to design a storage solution to meet your needs.
  • Corrosion-proof polymer components for a contamination-free product.
  • Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing
    bacteria on Starsys, keeping the surface areas “cleaner between cleanings.”
  • The ability to reconfigure individual units.
  • The ability to easily reconfigure your furniture layout as needs change.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean, polymer enclosures that won’t chip, dent or rust ever.
  • A high level of organization with easy access to supplies.

Cart configurations range from the very basic to fit within space constraints or budget limitations, to the sophisticated that provide the added functionality required by Anesthesia, Specialty Procedures and other critical applications.

Accessory options and mounting flexibility are available to meet a wide range of applications.

Easy-exchange, easy-clean drop-in drawer totes and pullout work surfaces improve workflow

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Supply Cabinets

Supply Cabinets
Single wide or double wide, tall or short Starsys storage cabinets can include drawers, shelves, even hanging solutions for taller items. Cabinets are available in mobile or stationary and your choice of solid or clear doors.

Tambour door
A secure alternative solution. Tambour doors are ideal for crowded areas where the door swing is not always practical.

Extra Deep (XD) 
Accommodates longer items and lean two-bin capability. Shelves can be repositioned and set up to a ±20 degree angle (+ or -) for containment or visibility.

Tall or short options.

Whether short or tall, narrow or wide, Starsys supply carts can be configured in countless ways to customize your storage space. Also, with drawers, shelves and accessories for general storage and specialty modules for catheters, scopes, sutures and the like, customization becomes a standard feature.

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Mobile Workcenters
One thing is certain, what you design today will not be adequate as your needs change and grow. Starsys mobile workcenters remove that uncertainty by providing you the flexibility to reconfigure your workspace or if need be, move it, to afford you to keep pace with your needs.
Stationary Workcenters
Stationary units give a fixed casework style with the modularity the Starsys system. Also, installation and repositioning are easy. A broad selection of countertops available.
Overhead Storage
A great way to maximize storage space. Overheads are available with clear or solid swing doors or space efficient tambour doors.

Work functions change almost without warning. Starsys Workcenters are designed to be reconfigured. Modular components — doors, drawers, adjustable shelves, full extension shelves, even colors and accessories, can be interchanged to create a highly workable, highly adaptable solution. One that works.

Flexline Zmag PageMetro incorporates several elements in its product design to support a facility’s infection control:

• Microban® antimicrobial protection helps keep products “cleaner between cleanings”

• Advanced polymer and other proprietary finishes provide corrosion resistance

• Smooth rounded corners to allow for easier cleaning

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