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Sentinel XT Clear
PAPR System


Powered Air Purifying Respirators

Sentinel XT Clear
PAPR System

ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear PAPR System is a superior solution when compared to other PAPR systems in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The Sentinel Clear Hoods offer a full 320-degree, allows the wearer to have facial hair and/or a head covering, and reduces feelings of claustrophobia. The Sentinel Clear PAPR’s smart system design offers multiple filter and breathing tube options to ensure assembly is easy to use. Its strong and lightweight blower delivers 8+ CFM airflow, which exceeds NIOSH requirements, while the design features improved ergonomics to support a range of user needs.

Sentinel XT Clear PAPR – What You Can’t See Can Hurt You


View the videos to learn more about the unique advantages ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear PAPR systems have over other competitors.

Superior Protection

Mission-critical protection from airborne particles and bioactive ingredients.

Greater Visibility

320-degree field-of-view increases safety and comfort, offering an APF of 1,000.

Minimal Restriction

A clear, nonrestrictive hood keeps workers comfortable and productive.

Consistent Performance

12 hours of operation, plus 33% more airflow than other leading PAPRs.

Lightweight System

Integrated blower/LiPo battery is roughly half the weight of competing systems.


NIOSH approved with HEPA, OV/AG/HE, and multi-gas filter options..


ILC Dover’s PAPR systems and accessories are latex-free.



  • Sentinel XT Blower/Battery
    8 scfm (230 lpm) flow delivered to the hood
    Brushless, long-life motor
    Li polymer battery with 12-hour run time on a single charge
    Lightweight integrated blower and battery is just 2.2 pounds
    External battery life indicator gauge shows charge level
  • Filter Cartridges
    External filters allow replacement without opening the blower housing
    P100/HEPA cartridges provide particulate-threat protection
    OV/AG/HE cartridges provide protection against a range of organic vapors and acid gases
    Multi-hazard cartridges provide protection against ammonia, methylamine, formaldehyde, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen fluoride
  • Waist Belt/Back Harness Options
    Quick-Loc decon belt — easy to use, easy to clean
    Ergonomic back harness — adjustable support harness ideal for seated applications

Sentinel XT Brochure

Sentinel XT Spec Sheet

Sentinel XT Clear PAPR System Kits

Sentinel Clear XT System with Clear Hood

Part Number ILC-S-3310

Sentinel XT Standard Starter Kit

Part Number ILC-S-3327

Sentinel Clear XT Non-Incendive System

Part Number ILC-3320-01

Sentinel XT Non-Incendive Starter Kit

Part Number ILC-S-3326

Sentinel XT Clear PAPR System Hoods

Sentinel XT Clear Hood – Pack of 30

Part Number ILC-S-3112-30

Sentinel XT Clear Hood Plus – Pack of 30

Part Number ILC-S-3324-30

HP Full Skirt Hood Papr Sentinel XT – Pack of 25

Part Number ILC-3113-25

HP Full Skirt Hood Papr Sentinel XT – Pack of 10

Part Number ILC-S-3113-10

HP Head Cover (White) – Pack of 25

Part Number ILC-4001-25

HP Head Cover (White) – Pack of 3

Part Number ILC-4001-3

Sentinel XT Clear PAPR System General Spares & Accessories

Sentinel XT Blower Assembly

Part Number ILC-S-3314

Sentinel XT Non-Incendiver Blower Assembly

Part Number ILC-S-3315

HEPA Cartridge – Pack of 25

Part Number ILC-S-4002-25

OV/AG/HE Filter Cartridge – Pack of 10

Part Number ILC-S-4012

Sentinel Ammonia and Multi-Hazard – Pack of 2

Part Number ILC-S-2027

Flow Meter

Part Number ILC-S-2010

Installation Tool, Breathing Tube

Part Number

Sentinel XT HP Breathing Tube Cover – Pack of 10

Part Number ILC-S-3102-10

Sentinel XT HP Blower Cover – Pack of 10

Part Number ILC-3103-10

Sentinel XT Breathing Tube Extendable to 19″

Part Number ILC-S-3508

Quick-Loc Waist Belt

Part Number ILC-S-4011

Sentinel XT Back Harness

Part Number ILC-S-3105

Sentinel XT LiPolymer Battery Charging

Part Number ILC-S-3303

Sentinel LiPolymer Battery Pack

Part Number ILC-S-3108

Battery Rechargeable LiPolymer with Secure Latch

Part Number ILC-S-3316

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