At LSP we have focused our flooring development on the functional aspects of the floor with primary emphasis on functionality and sustainability. In healthcare facilities it is important that the flooring possesses the chemical resistance to withstand the rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols required to maintain sanitation. By designing systems targeted to specific applications, financial expenditure for flooring can be optimized and life cycle cost of the floor can be minimized. We focus on sustainability and lean building concepts. We offer three major categories of flooring resins for diverse applications; Epoxy, Urethane and UV cured vinyl ester. At their least they are low-VOC and chemical resistant. At their best they are NO-VOC with outstanding chemical resistance. They are designed for the dynamic needs of Healthcare Facilities.

Those “Systems” represented here are primarily suited for operational sites within healthcare facilities.

UTEK Urethane Cement Flooring Systems

A product developed to provide moisture tolerant flooring options and functional advantages of extremes of temperature and high impact resistance. UTEK systems can be used with epoxy, urethane and UV cured components to increase chemical resistance, wear tolerance and overall flooring performance.

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N2 Floor Systems

All N2 floor systems are environmentally friendly, high performance systems utilizing the very latest LEED compliant "green", NO-VOC and No-HAP technology including options such as UV cured seal coats and composite technology.

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