SeamTek Ceiling Coatings

Systems designed to protect wall substrates during facility operations are often more difficult to design that flooring scenarios. SeamTek™ coatings systems have proven to be the most durable coatings in the industry. We take pride in our ability to provide pin hole free, sustainable dense surfaces in varied Ceiling Coated environments. Again durability is the goal.

Ceilings can be coated with two basic resins; Epoxy or Urethane. LSP offers both in a 100% solids version.

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Product Download Key
PDS: Product Data Sheet SPEC: Specification Sheet SUB: Submittal Pack (Includes Product Data and Safety Data Sheets)
Product Description
Glasswall NR
100% solids, low VOC epoxy resin system that is 10-12 mils DFT
Ure-Glaze NR
100% solids urethane system that is 10-12 mils DFT